Pôle RMN
Institut Chevreul

ssNake training

training about a recent NMR processing and fitting software

Dear all,

Let me announce a second 3h presentation on ssNake.

I will deal with the following topic:

  • General presentation
    • history
    • resources : ReferenceManual.pdf and tutorials.
    • opening a dataset 1D/2D/3D and getting information on workspace, dimensions
    • making figures
    • example of 1D/2D processing
    • using macros
    • Quick review of Workspace, Tools, and Transforms.
    • Fitting models (diffusion, CSA, quadrupolar, Czjzek, 3QMAS...)
    • importing/exporting dataset, fit parameters
    • combining workspaces
  • MQMAS processing and simulation
  • Q&A 

For people interested and available thank you for confirming your participation.

Best regards,